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From the website of the Minnesota Music Academy, which does not appear to have been updated since 2005:

The Minnesota Music Awards recognize and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments within the Minnesota music community each year.  MMA members participated in the award nomination and voting proces, and receive free admission to the Awards Show which is held in accordance with the Icebreaker Music Conference.


1981:  The Yammies


DATE:   April 6, 1981

PLACE:  Sam's (Now First Avenue)

SPONSOR:  Sweet Potato Magazine (the precursor to City Pages)

HOST:  Peter Lang

NOTE:  Nominations were made by about 200 people in the music industry, including writers, booking agents, engineers, and club owners.  There were 22 categories.  Nominees were printed in two consecutive issues of Sweet Potato Magazine and readers sent in 1,400 votes. 



  • Doug Manyard Band and Shangoya in the Main Room

  • Curtiss A and the Hypsterz in the 7th Street Entry



Under each category below is a list:  the top name (in bold) is the winner.  Below them (in italics) are the runners up, in alphabetical order.  Below them are the other nominees. 


Best 45 or EP

  • Funkytown - Lipps, Inc./ Souvenirs - Jesse Brady (tie)

  • I'm so Neat - The Phones (tie)

  • I Remember Romance - Flamin' Oh's

  • You're No Good (You're Funky) - Willie & the Bees

  • I Don't Want to be President - Curtiss A

  • You & Me - Rocky Robbins

  • She Said Goodbye - The Phones

  • Emergency One - Ice Stars

  • Calhoun Surf EP - The Overtones

  • Lycanthropy - Curtiss A

  • Hypsterz - Live EP

  • Souvenirs - Jesse Brady

  • Seven Inch Love - Cindy Cancer

  • Chronic Alkie - Wilma and the Wilbers

  • Time to Become Robots - Danger Roads

  • Sven Ivan - Arne Fogel

  • Uptown - Prince

  • Land of the Free - Curtiss A

Best LP

  • Up From the Alley - Lamont Cranston

  • Flamin' Oh's - Flamin' Oh's

  • Hometown Album - KDWB & Various Artists

  • The Lullabye - Doug Maynard Band

  • Mouth to Mouth - Lipps, Inc.

  • Songwriter - KQRS & Various Artists

  • Hypsterization - Hypsterz

  • Spaces - Herb Pilhofer

  • Courtesy - Curtiss A

  • Yr - Steve Tibbets

  • Hail to the Modern Hero - Sussman Lawrence

  • River of Swing - Hull and Blackburn

  • Nutz & Buttz Raggs

  • Artesian Dreams - Artesian Dreams

  • Later Years - Explodo Boys

  • Dirty Mind - Prince

  • Rockin' Hollywoods - Rockin' Hollywoods

  • In Combo - Suburbs

  • Point of Refuge - Mark Gaddis

  • Living in a Rich Man's World - Larry Long

  • The Prairie Home Companion Anniversary Album - Garrison Keillor and Various Artists

Best New Act

  • Doug Maynard Band

  • Metro All Stars

  • Phones

  • Safety Last

  • Wallets

  • Ben Day Dots

  • Mark Gaddis Group

  • Expose

  • White Raven

  • Jim Ghiloni Band

  • Replacements

  • Johnny Rey

  • North

  • Warheads

  • Hit Squad

  • Dale Dahlquist

  • Cats Under the Stars

  • Tom Wiggins

  • Sentimentals

  • Michael Monroe Group

  • Behringer

  • Snaps

Best Horn Player

  • Larry McCabe - Lamont Cranston

  • Bruce Allard - Bruce Allard Trio & the Upper Mississippi Jazz Band

  • Billy Schiell - John Erikson & the Nightriders

  • Paul Sher - Explodo Boys

  • Red Wolfe - Port of Dixie Jazz Band

  • Homer Lambrecht

  • Scott Huestis

  • Eddie Berger

  • Vern Mooney

  • Dave Marden

  • Rick O'Dell

  • Bill Glaskill

  • Gene Adams

Best Reed Player

  • Eddie Berger - Jazz All Stars (tie)

  • Pat Moriarty - Pat Moriarity Quartet (tie)

  • Rick O'Dell - Lamont Cranston (tie)

  • Larry McDonald - Raggs

  • Butch Thompson - Butch Thompson Trio

  • Tim O'Keefe

  • Maurice Jacox

  • Dave Karr

  • Dick Perna

  • Denny Landeen

  • Gene Hoffman

  • Larry Ankorum

  • Joe Smith

  • Tom Burnevik

  • Jean Decker

  • Morris Wilson

Best Electric Guitar

  • Gene Wilhelmi - Metro All Stars

  • Ernie Batson - Hypsterz

  • Charlie Bingham - Lamont Cranston

  • John Donaldson - Chameleon

  • Willy Murphy - Willie & the Bees

  • Bob Bingham

  • John Evans

  • Bobby Schnitzer

  • John de la Salvo

  • Jeff Christensen

  • Bob Dunlap

  • Curtiss Almsted

  • Steve Tibbets

  • Marc Partridge

  • Jeff Bouchier

  • Terry Gardner

  • Jim Waldbillig

  • Dan Lund

  • Robb Van Vranken

  • Bruce Kuman

  • Rick Cerant

  • Bill Dicky

  • Tom Williams

  • Steve Solomonson

  • Steve Brantseg

  • Chris Osgood

  • Bob Dunlop

  • Mark Orion

  • Tony Ghiloni

  • Johnny Rey

  • Jeff Waryan

  • Tim Holmes

  • Frank Berry

  • Jim Behringer

  • Larry Hayes

Best Acoustic Guitar

  • Peter Lang

  • Sean Blackburn

  • Dave Hull

  • Papa John Kolstad

  • Michael Monroe

  • Paul Metsa

  • Bob Bovee

  • Bob Douglas

  • Bill Hinkley

  • Terry Gardner

Best Bass

  • Willie Murphy

  • Steve Fjelstad - L73

  • Mick Mazoff - Lamont Cranston

  • Billy Peterson

  • Larry Stock - Metro All Stars

  • Rick Houle

  • Terry Grant

  • Jody Ray

  • Dan Conroy

  • Jim Reilly

  • Dick Shegstean

  • Jim Edwards

  • John Welluang

  • Mark Jones

  • Jerome Braughton

  • Chris Hinding

  • Paul Manske

  • Greg Hippen

  • Slats Campbell

  • Dugan McNeill

  • Steve Almaas

  • Joe Demko

  • Barb Montoro

  • Larry Weiganel

Best Keyboard Player

  • Butch Thompson - Butch Thompson Trio

  • Andy Bailey - Metro All Stars

  • Bruce McCabe - Lamont Cranston

  • Ricky Peterson - Class Action

  • Chan Poling - Suburbs

  • Bill Barber

  • Robyn Lee

  • Rod Gordan

  • Jeff Vicor

  • Jim Walsh

  • Dale Haesier

  • Steve Kramer

  • John McKenzie

  • Mark Goldstein

  • Roger Dumas

  • Dale Menten

  • Mark Anthony

  • Joe Behrend

  • Greg Inhoffer

  • Bobby Peterson

  • John  Rivers

Best Fiddler

  • Mary DuShane - Cadillac Sally

  • Pat Frederic - Daisy Dillman Band

  • Bill Hinkley - Bill Hinkley & Judy Larson

  • Peter Ostroushko - New Prairie Ramblers

  • Jim Price - Artesian Dreams

Best Drummer

  • Dan Flaherty - Dillman Band

  • Charlie Adams - Chameleon

  • Eric Gravatt - Mystic Harbor Bridge

  • Gordon Knutson - Studio Musician

  • Bob Meide - Flamin' Oh's

  • Dave Ahl

  • Jay Mattes

  • Robby Belleville

  • Glenn Swanson

  • Bobby Vandell

  • Howard Merriweather

  • Milo Fine

  • Tom Graham

  • Bruce Browning

  • Phil Hey

  • Rich Urbaniak

  • Jim Monsendrider

  • Michael Mozahn

Best Misc. Instrument

  • Steve Kimmel - Vibes, Percussion - Artesian Dreams

  • Stevie Beck - Autoharp

  • Cal Hand - Dobro, Hoofbeats, Pedal Steel

  • Peter Nelson - Steel Drum - Shangoya

  • Peter Ostroushko - Mandolin - New Prairie Ramblers

  • Chuck Smith - Vibes

  • John Beach - Melodica

Best Male Vocalist

  • Doug Maynard - Doug Maynard Band

  • Curt Almsted - Curtiss A

  • Mark Anthony - Chameleon

  • Jeff Cerise - The Phones

  • Prince

  • Mark Gaddis

  • Baby Doo Caston

  • Rick Hutsell

  • Xeno

  • Pat Hayes

  • Chad Magnuson

  • Willie Murphy

  • Don Holschuh

  • Dave Ahl

  • Tom Baden

  • Yata Peinovich

  • Tom Lieberman

  • Barry Goldberg

  • Rockie Robbins

  • Dugan McNeill

  • Bruce McCabe

  • Dave Wagner

  • Tom Fender

  • Alexander O'Neal

  • Melvin Peterson

Best Female Vocalist

  • Mary Jane Alm - Mary Jane Alm Band

  • Margaret Cox - Doug Maynard Band

  • Roberta Davis - Roberta Davis Group

  • Cynthia Johnson - Lipps, Inc.

  • Prudence Johnson - Rio Nido

  • Sue Ann Carwell

  • Melanie Rosales

  • Madeline Hart

  • Jan King

  • Cindy Franzen

  • Sandy Sherman

  • Christine Hoffman

  • Cindy Cancer

  • Cathy Mason (Wilma)

  • Jane Henderson

  • Kate Chenoweth

  • Danielle Zenner

  • Sandy Bonham

  • Terry Paul

  • Sherry Carr

  • Kristin Erickson

  • Barb With

  • Shirley Witherspoon

  • Patty Peterson

Best Rock Band

  • Lamont Cranston

  • Chameleon

  • Flamin' Oh's

  • Jesse Brady

  • Metro All Stars

  • d.B. Cooper

  • Dare Force

  • Pistons

  • Sentimentals

  • Warheads

  • Replacements

  • Fine Art

  • Husker Du

  • Phones

  • Safety Last

  • Hypstrz

  • Tropics

  • Fairchild

  • Raggs

  • Sharks

  • Speedwiener

  • Dame

  • The News

  • Magic

  • Wilma  the Wilbers

  • Whitesidewalls

  • Crow

  • Suburbs

  • NNB

  • Snaps

Best Country/Country Rock Band

  • Dillman Band

  • Both Barrels Band

  • Johnny Holm Band

  • Sky Blue Water Boys

  • Whiskey River

  • Steamboat Willie

  • Moonshine

  • Hull & Blackburn

  • Sagebrush

  • Salt Creek

  • Bandolero

  • Cadillac Sally

  • Bill Hinkley & Judy Larson

  • City Mouse

  • F Troop

  • Double Nickels

Best Show Band

  • Wallets

  • Class Action

  • Lipps, Inc.

  • Prince

  • Whitesidewalls

  • Gangbusters

  • Take Five

  • Sister Max

  • Free & Easy

Best Jazz Band

  • Rio Nido

  • Artesian Dreams

  • Eddie Berger & the Jazz All Stars

  • Cats Under the Stars

  • Wolverines

  • Mystic Harbour Bridge

  • Steve Clifford Trio

  • Marv's Rhythm Kings

  • Butch Thompson Trio

  • Roberta Davis Group

  • Pat Moriarty Quartet

  • Export

  • Hall Brothers Dixieland Band

  • Peter Barbeau Quintet

  • Morris Wilson Fusion

Best R&B Band

  • Willie & the Bees

  • Flyte Time

  • Inside Straight

  • Lamont Cranston

  • Doug Maynard Band

  • Fatt City

  • Bees Knees

  • Larry Hayes and the Tonearms

  • Red Ryder

  • Lynwood Slim and the Shuffles

Best Folk Musician or Group

  • Artesian Dreams

  • Red Gallagher

  • Robert Johnson

  • Michael Monroe

  • New Prairie Ramblers

  • Steve Tibbets

  • Blackburn & Hull

  • Jerry Rau

  • Zeitgeist

  • John Bailey

  • John Koerner

  • Tom Lieberman

  • Winners & Losers

  • Larry Long

  • Madeline Hart

Musician of the Year

  • Mary Jane Alm - Mary Jane Alm Band (tie)

  • Prince (tie)

  • Pat Frederic - Dillman Band

  • Willie Murphy - Willie & the Bees

  • Steve Tibbets

  • Creeper Kurnow

  • Bill Barber

  • Mark Orion

  • Gene Wilhelmi

  • Steve Kramer

  • Jeff Cenise

  • Chad Magnuson

  • Ricky Peterson

  • Dave Ahl

  • Steve Fjelstad

  • Johnny Holm

  • Dale Dahlquist

  • Peter Ostroushko

  • Vern Mooney

  • Charlie Adams

  • John Donaldson

  • Bruce McCable

  • Lonnie Knight

  • Butch Thompson

  • Steve Greenberg

  • Milo Fine

Best Overall Band

  • Dillman Band

  • Chameleon

  • Lamont Cranston

  • Doug Maynard Band

  • Willie & the Bees

  • Artesian Dreams

  • Crow

  • Shangoya

  • Flamin' Oh's

  • Moonshine

  • Jesse Brady

  • Metro All Stars

  • Phones

  • Wallets

  • Sharks

  • Fairchild

  • Jim Ghiloni Band

  • Fine Art

  • Hypstrz

  • Suburbs

  • Wolverines






PLACE:   Carleton Celebrity Room

HOST:  Don Powell

SPONSOR:  Minnesota Music Academy

NOTES:  See MPR article at the end of this section.



  • Entertainer/Group of the Year:  Limited Warranty

  • Best Pop Song:  "This is Serious" - Erik Newman (Limited Warranty)

  • Best Jazz Composition:  "Too Late to Leave Early" - Linda Peterson

  • Best Film/Video Score:  "Under the Cherry Moon" - Prince

  • Best Single:  "This is Serious" - Erik Newman (Limited Warranty)

  • Best LP:  "The Jets" - The Jets

  • Best Producer:  Flyte Time (Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam Harris)

  • Best Engineer:  David Rivkin

  • Best Studio:  Metro Studio

  • Best Video:  "Raspberry Beret" - Prince and the Revolution

  • Best Cover Artwork:  Around the World in a Day - Prince and the Revolution

  • Music Journalist Award:  Jon Bream

  • Radio Station Award:  WLOL-FM/KDWB-FM (tie)

  • Minnesota Music Hall of Fame Award:  Jeanne Arland Peterson




  • Guitarist:  Erick Newman - Limited Warranty

  • Keyboard Player:  Paul Hartwig - Limited Warranty

  • Bassist:  Greg Sotebeer - Limited Warranty

  • Drummer:  Jerry Brunskill - Limited Warranty

  • Reed Player:  Dusty Cox

  • Female Vocalist:  Melanie Rosales

  • Male Vocalist:  Dale Goulett - Limited Warranty


  • Guitarist:  Jesse Johnson

  • Keyboard Player:  Ricky Peterson

  • Bassist:  Haini Wolfgramm - The Jets

  • Drummer:  Bobby Z - Prince and the Revolution

  • Female Vocalist:  TaMara - TaMara and the Seen

  • Male Vocalist:  Alexander O'Neal


  • Female Vocalist:  Jevetta Steele

  • Male Vocalist:  J.D. Steele

World Beat Guitarist:  Wain McFarland - Ipso Facto


Latin Keyboard Player:  Manfredo Fest



  • Keyboard Player:  Jeanne Arland Peterson

  • Bass Player:  Billy Peterson

  • Female Vocalist:  Patty Peterson


  • Guitarist:  Leo Kottke

  • Female Vocalist:  Mary Jane Alm

  • Male Vocalist:  Michael Johnson




  • Band:  Limited Warranty

  • Original Music:  Limited Warranty

  • Recording:  "This is Serious" - Limited Warranty

  • New Band:  Great Nation

Heavy Metal Band, Original Music and New Band:  Slave Raider


Garage Band:  Husker Du/Soul Asylum (tie)


Cover Rock Band:  Salve Raider (sic)


R&B Band, Original Music, and New Band:  The Jets



  • Band:  Westside

  • Original Music:  Prince and the Revolution

  • Recording and New Band:  Mazarati

Blues Band:  Lynwood Slim


Gospel Band:  J.D. Steele Singers


World Beat:

  • Reggae Band:  Ipso Facto

  • Reggae Original Music:  Ipso Facto

  • Calypso Band:  Shangoya

Latin Band:  Orchestra Sabrason



  • Pop/Fusion Band:  Samoa

  • Avant-garde Band:  The Wallets

  • Vocal Group:  Rio Nido

Country Band:  Mary Jane Alm


Folk Band:  Paul Metsa




When Gopher State glitterati turned out in all their splendor last night, it was for the sixth annual Minnesota Music Awards. Almost as soon as audience members arrived at Bloomington’s Carlton Celebrity Room, they were swept up in the excitement and expectation generated by rumors that Minnesota’s funkiest favorite son might honor the crowd with a surprise concert. Morning Edition’s Jim Bickal reports:


A parade of limousines pulled up in front of the Carlton Celebrity Room last night and out of them popped some outrageously dressed people. Women with huge hairdos and shockingly revealing evening gowns were escorted by shirtless men wearing floor-length white robes and sunglasses.


A small crowd waited outside the hall watching for celebrities. The one they were especially looking for was Minnesota superstar Prince. Limousine chauffeur Cameron Smith was out there and he knew what to look for: “Oh, most likely he sneaks in in a yellow Thunderbird with very blacked-in windows or a black BMW with very blacked-in windows. Or he does have his own limousine which is a blue Lincoln. It’s pretty easily identified. It has cut crystal headlights and such.”


Prince never made his grand entrance but there were rumors he had snuck in a back door.


Inside the Celebrity Room, Don Powell was the master of ceremonies. The show was broadcast live on UHF channel 23. The awards were based on the newly formed Minnesota Music Academy. The Academy is made up of the 300 people who paid $5 to join. Their votes determine the winner in every category except one: Entertainer of the Year. In that category, anybody could vote, but only 50 non-Academy members did. Pop rock band Limited Warranty won the balloting as Entertainer of the Year; Westside was voted best funk band; The Jets won several awards as the best Rhythm and Blues band; Paul Metsa was selected as the best folk artist; and Slave Raider was selected as the best heavy metal band.


Gov. Perpich, who could have easily won the balloting for most conservatively dressed presenter, gave out the Connie Hechter Award to long-time record distributor Amos Heilicher. Most of the recipients who attended the ceremony seemed pretty pleased by the honor, but the band Soul Asylum, which was voted best garage band, didn’t quite know what to make of it. They said they didn’t know they were a garage band.


“I think it’s kind of interesting we haven’t been in a garage for, oh, about three years. But it’s still kinda nice. At least somebody’s paying attention. We were here and we played so they knew we were going to be here so I think they had to give us something so they added this category just so they could do it.”


When asked what they thought of the award ceremony, they said, “I think it’s not going so well, but what do I know? This is the only one I’ve ever seen so I can’t compare it to anything. I think it’s kinda bogus but then I probably shouldn’t say that.”


As the evening wore on, rumors were circulating that Prince was there and that he was going to play. About an hour before the end of the program, a security officer told guest Angela Watley that she couldn’t return to her seat near the stage. He told her that Prince would not perform unless she was removed from the audience. Watley was a bit miffed.


“I’m apparently a threat to The Revolution. I’m not sure how. It’s an absurd mix-up.” What did they tell you? “Just to leave my table. I was sitting at the Governor’s table. To leave my table and that I was a threat to the group.” What are you going to do? “I’m going to find out exactly what is the problem here. Because this is a really ridiculous mistake. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life and I really deserve a very good explanation.”


Finally, after all the awards in the program were handed out, Academy Chair Byron Frank was introduced. It was the moment that everyone was hoping for. Frank announced that Prince would be the first charter member of the Minnesota Music Academy. Prince appeared and he was greeted with a huge ovation. Dressed in a conservative blue suit, he told the crowd he wasn’t expecting the award.


“A while back I wrote a line to a song and I said ‘I don’t care to win awards.’ But it was easy to write a line like that because I wasn’t up for any. And I won a couple awards since then, but in all honesty I want you all to know that the ones I get from you are the best.”


After the award ceremony was over and the television cameras were off and those of us with tape recorders were told not to use them, Prince and the Revolution returned to the stage. For 40 minutes, his royal badness sang, pranced around the stage and threw pieces of his clothing into the audience. It was what everyone was waiting for and they weren’t disappointed. I’m Jim Bickal reporting.








DATE:  April 23, 1987

PLACE:  Northrop Auditorium







DATE:  July 1989

PLACE:  Orpheum Theater

HOSTS:  Comedians Scott Hansen and Jett Gerbino, and KARE-11 news anchor Paul Magers

SPONSORS:  SKC and BMI present the Minnesota Music Academy's Minnesota Music Awards

NOTES:  Featured a tribute to Reginald Buckner and performances by:

  • The Jets

  • Slave Raider

  • Rupert's Orchestra

  • Michael Johnson

  • Giorge Pettus

  • Orquesta Sabroson





DATE:  September 24, 2003

PLACE:  O'Gara's Garage, St. Paul

PRODUCERS:  Jack and Rachel Thibault of T.E.A. Productions

NOTE:  An account of this event calls it the 23rd Annual


PRESENTERS:  (Partial list)

  • St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly

  • Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak

  • John Hines

  • Bob Berglund

  • Bill and Kathy Bieloh, owners of Moondance Jam


AWARDEES:  (Partial list - 56 Categories)


Best New Group:  Working Stiffs

Best Bluegrass Recording:  Monroe Crossing

Lifetime Achievement Award:  The Suburbs

Best Horn Player:  Steve Clarke

Best Keyboardist/Pianist:  Jeff Victor





DATE:  September 21, 2005

PLACE:  First Avenue Main Room


  • Robert Robinson & the Twin Cities Gospel Choir
  • JoAnna James
  • Trampled by Turtles
  • Desdemona with New Congress
  • Spider John Koerner
  • Kid Dakota
  • Stnnng
  • Nachito Herrera
  • Cloud Cult
  • Mint Condition


  • Willey Wisely
  • Christ Osgood
  • Dale Connely
  • Sam Keenan
  • Michelle" Nadine Dubois" Langer
  • Dakota Dave Hull
  • Dave Campbell
  • Ross Raihala
  • Chris Reimenschneider
  • Jen Boyles
  • Diablo Cody
  • Chuck Statler
  • Lori Barghini
  • David de Young
  • Joey Molland
  • Phil Harder
  • Rick Fuller
  • Mei Young
  • Jason Nagel
  • Lars Larson
  • Rex Sorgatz
  • Lindsay Thomas
  • Peter Scholtes


  • American Roots Artist/Group:  Paul Metsa
  • American Roots Recordiing:  "Time I Get Home" - Dan Israel
  • Bluegrass Artist/Group:  Trampled by Turtles
  • Bluegrass Recording:  "Blue Sky and the Devil" - Trampled by Turtles
  • Blues Artist/Group:  Renee Austin
  • Jazz Artist/Group:  Billy Holloman
  • Jazz Recording:  "The Peace Between Our Companies" - Happy Apple
  • Latin Artist/Group:  Nachito Herrera
  • Pop Artist/Group:  The Hopefuls
  • Pop Recording:  "The Great Destroyer" - Low
  • Punk Artist/Group:  The Soviettes
  • Punk Recording:  "The Soviettes LP III" - The Soviettes
  • R&B Artist/Group:  Mint Condition
  • Reggae Artist/Group:  New Primitives
  • Rock Artist/Group:  Mark Mallman
  • Rock Recording:  "Mr. Serious" - Mark Mallman
  • Hard Rock Artist/Group:  All the Pretty Horses
  • Rock-a-Billy Artist/Group:  Stockcar Named Desire
  • Eclectic Artist/Group:  Spaghetti Western String Co.
  • Gospel Artist/Group: House of Mercy Band
  • Spoken Word Artist/Group:  Desdamona
  • Teen Artist/Group:  The Abdomen
  • Hip Hop Artist/Group:  Heiuspecs
  • Hip Hop Recording:  "A Tiger Dancing" - Heiruspecs
  • Guitarist:  Dean Magraw
  • Bass Player:  Steve York
  • Horn Player:  Mike Lewis
  • Turntablist:  Abilities
  • DJ:  Jake Rudh
  • Drummer/Percussionist:  Peter Anderson and J.T. Bates (tie)
  • Keyboardist/Pianist:  Peter J. Sands
  • Female Vocalist:  JoAnna James
  • Male Vocalist:  Jimmy Peterson
  • Minnesota Produced Radio Show:  89.3 The Current:  Local Music with Chris Roberts
  • Minnesota Produced Audio/Visual:  "Nate on Drums"
  • Music Media (Print):  City Pages
  • Sound Technician:  Mike "Tiny" Rogers
  • Nationally Released Recording:  "The Great Destroyer" - Low
  • Locally Released Recording:  "Don't Look So Surprised" - Vicous Vicous
  • Producer of the Year:  Ed Ackerson and John Hermanson (tie)
  • Songwriter of the Year:  Alan Sparhawk
  • Song of the Year:  "Come to Me" - Dan Israel
  • New Artist/Group:  Chris Koza
  • Group/Artist of the Year:  The Hopefuls




DATE:  October 1, 2006

PLACE:  First Avenue

NOTE:  250 nominees in 48 categories could be voted on by the general public for the first time; previously only dues-paying members of the MMA could nominate and vote.  600 nominations were received.



  • Best Hip-Hop Artist:  P.O.S.
  • Critics Choice Award for Nationally Released Recording:  "Audition" - P.O.S.
  • Best Pop Group:  Tapes 'n Tapes
  • Artist/Group of the Year:  Tapes 'n Tapes
  • Drummer/Percussionist:  Eric Fawcett (Hopefuls) and J.T. Bates (tie)
  • American Roots Artist:  Haley Bonar
  • American Roots Recording:  Haley Bonar
  • Blues Artist:  Charlie Parr
  • Blues Recording:  Charlie Parr
  • Rock Group:  Ol' Yeller
  • Rock Recording:  Ol' Yeller
  • Male Vocalist:  Chris Koza
  • Pop Recording:  "Patterns" - Chris Koza


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