Many track listings for these compilations were taken from Bird Dance Beat.  This site comes and goes, so I’ll leave the link up but it may not work.

Know of others compilations?  Please let me know!


Best of Metrobeat – Sundazed – 1990  (vinyl) *





The Jokers Wild:  All I See is You, I Just Can’t Explain it, Sunshine, All the World’s a Copper Penny

The More-Tishians:  Nowhere to Run

The Cornerstones:  Shake a Tail Feather, You Rule Me, When Will My Day Come

South 40:  The Penny Song

The Underbeats:  It’s Gonna Rain Today

The Titans:  To Cover the Turf

The Midwest:  Heaviness

The Trashmen:  Green, Green Backs Back Home



Big Hits of Mid-America, Vol.1 (Soma) (vinyl)*




Underbeats:  Foot Stompin’, Sweet Words of Love, Annie do the Dog, Romance

Gregory Dee & the Avanties:  The Grind, The Slide, Olds-Mo-William, Ain’t Got No Home

Accents:  Searchin’, Howlin’ for my Baby, Why, Whenever There’s a Will




Big Hits of Mid-America, Vol. 2 (Soma) (vinyl)*




Castaways:  Liar, Liar; Sam

High Spirits:  Tossin’ and Turnin’, (Turn on Your) Love Light

Chancellors:  Yo! Yo!, So Fine, Little Latin Lupe Lu, I’m a Man

Gestures:  Run Run Run, Candlelight, Don’t Mess Around, It Seems to Me



Big Hits of Mid-America, Vol. 3 (Twin Tone) (vinyl)*  1978


Pistons:  She Got Sex

Swingers:  Foundry Joe, Losin’ My Girl

Buzz Barker & The Atomic Bums:  Land of the Free

Hypsterz:  6654321

Commandos:  Weekend Warrior, You’re Not the First One, Complicated Fun

Jets:  Paper Girl, Lover Boy

Suburbs:  Urban Guerillas, Ailerons O.K.

NNB:  Listen, Uruguay 1983

Wad:  Chains

Fingerprints:  Down, Where the Beat Goes On

Swan Lake Siz:  Swan Lake, MN

Robert Ivers & Ice Stars:  Sugar My Road

Curtis A & the Originals:  Bad News From Phoenix

Yipes:  Ballad of Roy Orbison

Big Hits of Mid-America, Vol. 4 (Twin Tone) (vinyl)



Mofos:  Nothing Turns Out Right

Magnolias:  When I’m Not

PS:  Further to Go

Bob Dunlap:  Loud Loud Loud Guitars

Otto’s Chemical Lounge:  Lazy Catfish Dance

Halo of Flies:  Rubber Room

Breaking Circus:  Driving the Dynamite Truck

Whole Lotta Loves:  Maraca Club

David Postlethwaite:  Hank Slumped

TWA Corbbies:  Kisses

Good Joe:  Closing Time

Jayhawks:  Jesus in the Driver’s Seat



Big Hits of Mid-America: The Soma Records Story 1963-67 (CD)*






Underbeats:  Foot Stompin’

Trashmen:  Surfin’ Bird

Gregory Dee & the Avantis:  The Grind

Gestures:  Run, Run, Run

Chancellors:  Little Latin Lupe Lu

Titans:  The Noplace Special

Del Counts:  Let the Good Times Roll

High Spirits:  (Turn on Your) Love Light

Accents:  Why

Corvets:  You Don’t Want Me

Castaways:  Liar, Liar

Trashmen:  Bird Dance Beat

Gregory Dee & the Avantis:  Olds-Mo-William

Chancellors:  Yo! Yo!

Lou Riegert & the Troops:  Gary’s Tune

Gestures:  Don’t Mess Around

Trashmen:  A-Bone

Titans:  A Summer Place

Four Wheels:  Cold 45

Accents:  Howlin’ For my Baby

Del Counts:  Bird Dog

High Spirits:  Tossin’ and Turnin’

Castaways:  Sam

High Spirits:  I Believe

Castaways:  Goodbye Babe

Gestures:  Candlelight

Messengers:  I’ve Seen You Around

Chancellors:  So Fine

Underbeats:  Book of Love

Embermen:  Fat Girl

Boys Next Door:  Why be Proud

Shades:  Summer’s Here

Gamins:  Ridin’ High

Four Wheels:  central High Playmate

Rumbles:  I’ll be Gone

Messengers:  My Baby

Torres:  Ride On

Half Dozen:  Heat Wave

Del Counts:  What is the Reason

High Spirits:  Bright Lights, Big City

Deacons:  Empty Heart

Jimmy Kaye & the Coachmen:  Gloria

Unbelievable Ulies:  Keep Her Satisfied

Underbeats:  I Can’t Stand It

Del Counts:  With Another Guy

Dudley & the Doo-Rytes:  U.F.O.

Sir Winston & the Commons:  We’re Gonna Love

Sounds Like Us:  It Was a Very Good Year


Bloodshot! Gaity Records Story, Vol. 1 – 1994 (Vinyl * and CD*), Norton Records






Sonics:  Marlene, Minus One, Blast Off

Rhythm Rockers:  Crisis, Twang

Blue Kats:  Oh Yeah

Wisdoms:  Lost in Dreams, Two Hearts Make One Love, Last Dance, Lost in Dreams

Flames:  On Fire, Arabian Caravan, Rockin’ With the Blues

Del Ricos:  Buggin’ the Boogie, It Won’t be Long, Voodoo

String Kings:  Bloodshot, The Bash

Tommy Lee and the Orbits:  Jingle Rock




Bloodshot! Gaity Records Story, Vol. 2 – 1994 (Vinyl * and CD*), Norton Records







Jades:  Blue Black Hair, Surfin’ Crow, Shake Baby Shake, Little Marlene

Crown Teens:  Easy Rhythm

Glenrays:  Rhythm Review, Hey Little Willie, Easy Rhythm, Tambour, Haunted by Repetition

Curtis & the Galaxies:  Theme from a Fireplace

Miller Olsen Combo:  Twist all Wrong, Fidel Castro Rock

Jerry Roberts & the Toppers:  Change Your Mind

Velquins:  My Dear, Falling Star

Corvairs:  Volcano

Carl Peterson & the Glenrays:  Rhythm Review

Big M’s:  Get Going

Howie Butler & the Reflections:  Have a Good Time


Candy Floss – the Lost Music of MidAmerica – CD*





T.C. Atlantic:  Twenty Years Ago in Speedy’s Kitchen,  Love Is Just

Shambles:  Flannigan’s Circus, WW II in Cincinnati, Light of Rome, Black Spiders, Sunset, Bring Back the Carnival

Eric Marshall & the Chymes:  The Countess, I Can’t Love You Anymore

Longman & Fogel:  I Once Had a Dream LONGMAN & FOGEL

Michael Yonkers:  It’s All a Dream

Seraphic Street Sounds:  Without Love, Holly Go Lightly

Hot Half Dozen:  Keep It Simple

Avanties:  The Out Crowd, Give Me Love

Michael and the Mumbles:  Need Your Lovin’ Oh No

Peter Steinberg:  Find That Woman

Nickel Revolution:  Oscar Crunch, Her Come Da’ Judge

Trippers:  Have You Ever

Puddle:  Happy Like This; Red Rover, Red Rover



Changes:  The Psychedelic Beat Album – Magistral Records, France, 1980. CD*


The notes read:

“This album was produced in a very small quantity, a few more than 200, only to demonstrate what had happened in the MINNEAPOLIS music scene during the sixties.  MINNEAPOLIS – home of the LITTER, T.C. ALTANTIC, AVANTIES, CASTAWAYS, C.A. QUINTET, ELECTRAS (here called IT WAS BRILLIG) … now legends of their time – had brought us also several exciting obscure groups which were as good as the few noted above:  some of these you can hear on this LP.  The tracks by IT WAS BRILLIG, BEDLAM FOUR & CALICO WALL with wild driving psychedelic punk are the best cuts of an earlier album called MONEY MUSIC.  All other tunes are taken from local releases and have different style of music.  BEAT MUSIC with the GESTURES and the STILLROVEN, UNDERGROUND ROCK with DANNY’S REASONS, T.C. ATLANTIC and the THIRD WAVE PSYCHEDELIC SOUND from the C.A. QUINTET, HOPE AND SECOND THOUGHT.  We hope you’ll enjoy the music too.”


Only 230 were made and go for quite a pretty penny on ebay.  It is now also out on CD – see Amazon.UK  Ron Thums warns:  “Most of these cuts have since been made available on CD or vinyl from various legitimately licensed sources. In addition, the CD version of this comp was undoubtedly ‘mastered’ from the already vinyl-sourced LP, and the sound is worse than average.”






Danny’s Reasons:  Triangle

C.A. Quintet:  Blow to my Soul, Cold Spider

Bedlam Four:  Hydrogen Atom

Twas Brillig:  Dirty Old Man

Hope:  Of Times you Can See, One Man

The Third Wave:  Dream

Gestures:  It Seems to Me

Jonny Rome & the Second Thought:  Museum

T.C. Atlantic:  Love is Just

Calico Wall:  Flight Reaction

Stillroven:  Have You Ever Seen Me


Duluth Rocked, Vol. 1 – 60’s Smash Hits!  (Duluthrocked Media) – CD*






Bobby Clark & the Rhythm Knights:  Little Ragged Doll

Renowns:  My Mind’s Made Up

Chet Orr &  the Rumbles:  Be Satisfied

Tammy & the Bachelors:  My Summer Love

Titans:  Surfers Lullaby

Vaqueros – 80 Foot Wave

Five Tymes:  Hold Me Now

Devilles:  Baby Blue

Electras:  Dirty Old Man

Accidentals:  Losers Advice

Emotionals:  Miserlou

Sounds Like Us:  Clock on the Wall

Titans:  Need You

Dynasty:  I’ve Gotta Shout

Soul Seekers:  New Directions


Duluth Rocked, Vol. 2 – Sensational 60’s   (Duluthrocked Media) – CD*




Johnny Jay:  Sugar Doll

Dynamics:  Money Honey

Vic Martinson & the Three Bears:  Boo on You

Reveliers:  The Revel Twist

The Titans: Reveille Rock

Johnny Lidell:  Primrose Lane

Kan Dells:  Cry Girl

Tadmen Twins:  Cloudy Summer Afternoon

Vaqueros:  Growin’ Pains

Yes it Is:  Walkin’ the Dog

DeVilles:  Cry Baby

Soul Seekers:  Boom Boom

Jimmy Luhm:  Granny Glasses

Lyn LaSalle:  Takin’ Life Easy

Electras:  Action Woman

Small Society:  Live for a Real Good Sound

Duluth Rocked, Vol. 3 – Radio Play ’70 – ’81  (Duluthrocked Media) – CD*


Sound Inc.:  Dreams (1970)

Harrison:  There’s Time (1970)

Guided Tour:  50 BC Man (1970); World Full of Fright

Jerome & Company:  Reach Out (I’ll Show You a Place) (1972)

M.A. Freepress:  Once in a Million (1975)

QuickBreath:  Yours (1975)

Atlantis II:  Starship Rider (1975)

Winterwood:  Love Music (1976); Duluth (1976)

Loose Change:  Recollection (1977)

Whiskey River:  Heartaches in Heartaches (1978)

Crazy Blame:  Pass on By (1978)

The Last Shot:  Cry Sister Cry (1980)

Hostage:  Making My Move (1981)

Dr. Feelgood:  Feel Good Stroke (1981)



Free Flight – Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-69 (Get Hip) – 1998 – Vinyl and CD*






Mike Waggoner & the Bops:  Can I be Kind

Magpies:  Never See Her Again, Everybody’s Fool

Mercymen:  If you Want to be my Baby, Can’t You See

Underbeats:  Love to You, Don’t you Lie to Me, Fate of a Fool, Wishes Don’t Come True

Nite Caps:  You’re Lookin’ Good

Lancers:  Goin’ to the River

F.B.I. Idiots:  Shot Thru the Grease

Marcia & the Lynchmen:  Very Last Day

Titans:  Skokiaan

Sir Laurence & the Crescents:  Cheatin’ on Me

Fragile Zookeeper:  The Nazz are Blue, Hey Joe, Children of the Night

Unknown:  He’s in Love with Himself

Unknown:  I Just Don’t Know

Longman & Fogel:  I Once Had a Dream

Calico Wall:  Look Over Yonder’s Wall, Lotta Lovin’, Flight Reaction, I’m a Living Sickness

Michael Yonkers:  Microminiature Love, Kill the Enemy


Gathering at the Depot – 1970 (Beta) – Vinyl *


gatheringatdepot      gatheringatdepotback


Deadeye:  Silly Song

Crockett:  Dear Landlord

Chesterfield Gathering:  Take Me to the Sunrise

The System:  Smiling Eyes

Thundertree:  16 Tons

Danny’s Reasons:  With One Eye Closed

Pepper Fog:  Celebration

Kiwani:  Better Days

Free And Easy:  It’s For You/Wake Up Sunshine

Grizzly:  Get Out of my Life, Woman

The Litter:  Ungrateful Peg

Hipsville, Vol. 3: The Return of the Frozen Few – 1984, Kramden Records – Vinyl *






Tyde:  Psychedelic Pill

Unbelievable Uglies:  Get Straight

Echomen:  Long Green

Marauders:  I Can Tell

Four Wheels:  Central High Playmate

Jeannie, Jim, Tom & Bill:  Silly Whim

Yetti-Men:  My Baby Left Me, Break Time, High Himalayas

Deacons:  Empty Heart

Nightcrawlers:  You Say

Peers:  Once Upon a Time

Leaves of Grass:  Crabs

Little Caesar & the Conspirators:  It Must be Love

DeVilles:  Mama’s Baby

King Krusher & the Turkeynecks:  King Krusher




Hodad Hootenany  – Vinyl

Probably not much local except the Baldie Stomp




Hurricanes:  Jambalaya

Images:  My Kinda Woman

Madmen:  Alfred E Goes Surfin’

Rangers:  Justine

Warner Bros Combo:  Study Hall

Customs Five:  Little Louie

Mickey & The Clean Cuts:  Soapy

Deacons: The Baldie Stomp

Passions:  You’ve Got Me Hurtin’

Moguls:  Round Randy

Chy Guys:  Say Mama

Them:  Don’t Look Now

Mystery Men:  Pier X

Mysterians:  Wildman

Barracudas:  Nobody

Johnny & The Uncalled 4:  Shortnin’ Bread

Sonics:  Introduction To The Sonics

Rangers:  Snow Skiing

Best of IGL Garage Rock (Get Hip Recordings, 1994) – Vinyl *

IGL came out of Iowa, but many of the bands traveled to Minnesota to play.


Dee Jay & the Runaways:  Jenny, Jenny; The Gorilla

Continental Coets:  I Don’t Love You No More

Dark Knights:  Dark Knight

The Torres:  Play Your Games

Dave & the Devonaires:  Take a Loot at a Fool

Tommy Tucker & the Esquires:  Don’t Tell Me Lies

Billy Rat & the Finks:  Little Queenie, All American Boy

The Noblemen:  Things Aren’t the Same, Night Rider

Koats of Male:  Life’s Matter, Swinebarn No. 3

Yetti Blues Band:  Born in Chicago

Senders:  Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White

Dynamic Dischords:  Passageway to your Heart

Fifth Generation:  Purple Haze

The IGL Rock Story, Part One (1965-67) Arf! Arf!, 1994, CD*


Dee Jay & the Runaways:  Jenny Jenny, Boney Maronie, Peter Rabbit, She’s a Big Girl Now, The Gorilla

Sha-Dels:  Hand Jive

Rockers:  Runaway

Continental Coets:  I Don’t Love You No More, Medley of Junk

Scavengers:  It’s Over, But If You’re Happy, She Don’t Care About Time

Tommy Tucker & the Esquires:  Peace of Mind

Dark Knights:  Dark Knight, Send Her to Me

Epicureans:  I Don’t Know Why I Cry

The Torres:  Play Your Games, Don’t you Know

The X-Men:  Until I Leave

Dale & the Devonaires:  Take a Look at a Fool, Never be Free

The Canoise:  Born in Chicago, Something I Could Do

Tommy Tucker & the Esquires:  Don’t Tell Me Lies

Those of Us:  Without You

Pete Klint Quintet:  Very Last Day

Billy Rat & the Finks:  Little Queenie, All American Boy

Wally Shoop & the Zombies:  Summertime, Memphis, Okoboji

The IGL Rock Story, Part Two (1967-68) Arf! Arf!, 1994, CD*


Steve Ellis & the Starfires:  Pride of a Man, Her Face, On My Mind, Looking Thru Me, My Baby’s Gone, That’s How it Feels, Walking Around

The Noblement:  Things Aren’t the Same, Night Rider

Second Half:  Forever in Your Mind

Terry Klein with Dee Jay & the Runaways:  Keep on Running

The Berries:  I’ve Been Looking; Baby, That’s All

Koats of Male:  Life’s Matter, Swinebarn No. 3

Dynamic Hursemen:  You Tell Me Why

Mad Lads:  Everything is Blue

Princemen:  Love is a Beautiful Thing

Napoleon I & His Relatives:  Summer Love

Genini 6:  Two Faced Girls

Pawnbrokers:  Someday

The Restrictions:  Down on the Corner

The Senders:  Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White, She Told Me

Dynamic Dischords:  Passageway to Your Heart

The Kingpins:  Come and See

Fifth Generation:  Purple Haze

Senn Menn:  Lucille

Yetti Blues Band:  Born in Chicago

The Chatteaux:  Mr. Reference Man

Dee Jay & the Runaways:  Take a Look at My Baby


KDWB 21 All Time Dream Hits, Vol. 1 (Take 6 Enterprises) – Vinyl *

No evidence of a Volume 2.  I just bought a copy of this, and someone wrote “1/4/69  $3.27” on it – the day they bought it and how much it cost?  Most of the songs are national, but there are a few local hits:

  • 20 Years Ago (In Speedy’s Kitchen) – T.C. Atlantic
  • What is the Reason – The Delcounts
  • Hey Joe – The Stillroven


kdwbdreamhits  kdwbdreamhitsback


Photos Courtesy Mike Evangelist


KQRS 92, Minnesota’s Best Rock Presents the Best of the Twin Cities Beat – 1983 – Vinyl  *


Photo Courtesy Jeff Lonto

This was KQ’s second album project.


Dez Dickerson:  The Beat

Flamin’ Ohs:  New Life

Phones:  Back in Time

Crash Street Kids:  Life’s So Cold

Rocking Horse:  Love Me or Leave Me

Vitamin Q:  Me Magazine

Chameleon:  Friday on my Mind

Dare Force:  Pushin’ Your Luck

Sussman Lawrence:  Cigarette

Snaps:  Marilyn

Johnny Rey and the Reaction:  Edge of Night

Nitro Brothers:  Never Go Away


KDWB Disc/Coveries – August 1961 – Vinyl*

“All proceeds from the sale of this album go toward the production of sound-on-film movie depicting life in the Explorer movement of the Boy Scouts of America.  KDWB will produce the film and make it available to interested groups throughout the United States.”  The “Swinging Gentlemen” pictured on the cover are Hal Murray, Sam Sherwood, Randy Cook, Bobby Dale, Bob Friend, Lou Riegert, Art Way, and Don DuChene.  No local songs.



KDWB – Solid Gold – 1972 – Vinyl *




KRSI Request Album – 1969 – 2 record set – Vinyl *


Let’s Have a Ball: Early Rock ‘n’ Roll From the Midwest (Unlimited Production)

Don’t know anything about this and the only image I could find is too fuzzy to read!




Live at the Extemp, 1975, Extempore Music Productions (Vinyl) *

Recordings made live in April and May at the Extempore Coffeehouse at 325 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis.  Produced by Steve Dobbelmann.





  • Tribute to a Drifter
  • Follow Your Own Heart


  • Next Best Thing to Being There
  • Little Town


  • Coke Cans and Bottled Beer
  • The River


  • Cowboy
  • Baby Lover


  • Lonesome Picker
  • Streamline Cannonball


  • My Name is Death
  • Nine Year Waltz



Midnight in Minneapolis – Golden Wing, 1960 – Vinyl


GoJohnnyGo describes this as “a various artists compilation of country music played locally. The scene rotated around The Flame Cafe at 16th & Nicollet. Dave Dudley, he of “Six Days on the Road” hit song fame, compiled the album for Golden Wing Records.”

Midwest vs. Canada (Unlimited Productions)


Midwest vs. The Rest  (Unlimited Productions)





From the Bird Dance Beat website:  “This essential five-volume, vinyl-only series is devoted to late ’50s to early ’60s Minnesota rockers.  Almost entirely sourced from the 45s of a Minneapolis collector, most of these LPs can still be obtained from one or two catalogs (most notably, Norton) and can occasionally be found used at the record collectors shows for around $15.  While some songs have since appeared on CD comps since issued on this series, most have not.  In the usual White Label faashion, liner notes are pretty much nonexistent, and what is there is sketch and often inaccurate.  Still, the material is superb.  Note:  It was announced in 2003 that White Label has ceased production of vinyl LPs.  Chances of these appearing on CD are unknown.”


Minnesota Rock-A-Billy Rock, Vol. 1 – White Label, Netherlands  (Vinyl) *





Tom Scott:  Record Hop

Don & Jer & The Screamers:  I Dig

Jack & the Knights:  Rock the Blues Away

Ronnie Ray & the Playboys:  Mean Mama Blues, the Vulture

Jim Thaxter & the Travelers:  Sally-Jo, Cyclon

Hal Fritz & the Playboys:  Three Bad Habits, Goin’ Out on You

Ron Thompson & the Broughams:  Switchblade

The Orbits:  Queen Bee

The Harmony Twins:  Barnyard Rock and Roll

Eddie Randall & the Downbeats:  Downbeat Rock

Chuck Carson:  Moonlight Rock



Minnesota Rock-A-Billy Rock, Vol. 2  – White Label, Netherlands  (Vinyl) *






Terry Lee & the Poorboys:  My Little Sue

The Poorboys:  Driftin’

Houle Brothers:  Dream Night

Myron Lee & the Caddies:  Homicide, Mary’s Swingin’ Lamb, Aw C’Mon Baby

The Galaxies:  Watch Your Step

The Sonics:  Minus One-Blast Off, Marlene

The Vilados:  Wild Party

The String Kings:  Bloodshot, The Bash

Bob & Denny, the Dennis Brothers:  Hush Hush Little Baby

Andy Walsh:  Guitar Boogie (Shuffle)

The Thundermen:  Flyin’ High



Minnesota Rock-A-Billy Rock, Vol. 3  – White Label, Netherlands  (Vinyl) *






Stinton Brothers:  Diggin’ That Rock & Roll

D.J. & The Cats:  The Lightning Strikes

The Inn-Truders:  What’s Up Doug?

Harvey Urness:  Never Been Blue

Danny and the Galaxies:  If You Want to be my Baby

The Galaxies:  Ad Lib

The Blue Kats:  Oh Yeah

The Carvairs:  Vulcano

Evans Carroll & the Tempos:  Come Back Baby

Jim Eddy:  Livin’ Doll

Les Tucker:  Wrong Kinda Lovin’

Sue Arlington & the arlisles with the Carsons Rangers:  The Flip

The Torrells:  Lost Love

The Jades:  Blue Black Hair, Surfin’ Crow



Minnesota Rock-A-Billy Rock, Vol. 4  – White Label, Netherlands  (Vinyl)





Mike Waggoner & the Bops:  Baby Baby, Basher No. 5, Hey Mama, Good Rockin’ Tonight, Coming Up, Guitar Man, Bye Bye Johnny, Three Little Pigs, Work With Me Annie

Eddie Barkdall & the Corvets:  Scramble, Wailin’ Wailin’ Party

The Reveliers:  Revel Rock

Jr. Buchwitz & the Revveliers:  I Still Love Her

Wally Shoop & the Zombies:  Memphis



Minnesota Rock-A-Billy Rock, Vol. 5  – White Label, Netherlands  (Vinyl) *






Robbie Robbins:  Hurry

The Glenrays:  Easy Rhythm, Haunted by Repitition

Deviny James:  That’s All Right Mama

Augie Garcia:  Ivy League Baby, Be My Guest, Hi Yo Silver, Going to Chicago

The Jades:  Little Marlene

Ben Leonard & the Furys:  Little Girl, Congo Bongo

The Delricos:  Buggin’ the Boogie, Voo Doo

The Flames:  Rockin’ the Blues, Arabian Caravan

The Treassures:  Minor Chaos

The 5 Spots:  Black Rock, Mr. Fortune

Steve Rowe & the Furys:  Minor Chaos



Minnesota Rocked!, Vol. 1&2, Prattco Records, John Pratt – CD*


mnrocked1                 mnrocked2

Minnesota Rockers, Vol. 1 – Collector Records, Netherlands – 1995 – CD*

(Don’t know if there is a Vol. 2)






Skeet Richardson & the Vibrations:  To My Baby

Jim Gale:  Rockin’ Party

Houle Brothers:  Dream Night

Terry Lee & the Poorboys:  My Little Sue

Myron Lee & the Caddies:  Mary’s Swingin’ Lamb, Aw C’mon Baby, Homicide

Bob & Denny, the Dennis Brothers:  Hush Hush, Little Baby

Rhythm Rockers:  Twang

Keith Zeller & the Starliners:  Carry Mae

Vibratones:  Moanin’ Bass

Johnny Jay:  Sugar Doll

Walt Clar & the Jags:  Lost Woman

Lou & Ginny:  Do I Do Right

Davey Bee & the Sonics:  Linda Lee

Rockin’ Tones:  What’s the Score

Del Ricos:  Life’s Problem

Burch Ray & the Walkers:  Waitin’ Alone

Poorboys:  Driftin’

Duke Larson:  Heartbreakin’ Special

D.J. & the Cats:  Jeanie 16

Tilfer Chastain:  House of Blue

Rene Waters:  Zoomerang Jungle Fever

Lanny Minns:  Carey Mae, That’s What I Want

Jack Chapman:  Hey Porter

Walt Clark & the Jags:  Hey Little Girl

Johnny Val:  Hey Mama

Damon Lee:  Say Mama

Rosco & His Little Green Men:  Roll Over Beethoven

Mike Gleiden & His Rhythm Kings:  Baby, I Don’t Care; The Bash

Money Music – August Records – 1967 – Vinyl

Probably the best and most collectible of the bunch, and pricey!  This album was compiled with “enhanced sound” by by Peter Huntington May.

Notes were by Tac Hammer, Music Director of KDWB:

It has been my contention that the talent of the bands in Mid-America compares with that of any area of our contry.  Let this album serve as a documentary to back up that statement.  To anyone living in Mid-America this album is a collectors item; a selection of the best songs recorded in Mid-America over the past couple of years.  After one lsisten you will know what I’m talking about.  So listen, groove, and dig the sounds herein.






Stillroven:  Hey Joe

C.A. Quintet:  Mickey’s Monkey

Underbeats:  Sweetest Girl in the World

T.C. Atlantic:  Faces

Hot Half Dozen:  Heat Wave

Calico Wall:  Flight Reaction

Castaways:  Feel So Fine

C.A. Quintet:  Blow to my Soul

Electras:  Dirty Old Man

Seraphic Street Sound:  Without Love

H.T. Three:  Cool Breeze

Bedlam Four:  Hydrogen Atom



Monsters of the Midwest – Lost Tracks from the Action Sixties! American Titan  Vol. I – 1982; Vol. II – 1985*; Vol. III – 1987*; Vol. IV – 1989* – Vinyl

Sprinkled with bands I recognize, but the “Midwest” is loosely defined.  Volumes 2-4 seem to be readily available, but not Volume 1.






monsters3    monsters4


When The Time Run Out (Italy)  Minnesota vs. Michigan Raw Cuts From 1965-67, Vol. 1.  LP, 1995.

Something to do with Reverend Moon?




Rockin’ Your Socks Off! Volumes 1 – 2.  Mid-America Music Hall of Fame, Doug Spartz – CD*




vol1tracks    vol2tracks


Rockin’ Your Socks Off! Volumes 3 – 4.  Minnesota Rock/Country Hall of Fame, Doug Spartz – CD*



vol3tracks  vol4tracks


Rockin’ Your Socks Off! Volumes 5 – 6.  Minnesota Rock/Country Hall of Fame, Doug Spartz – CD*




vol5tracks  vol6tracks



Rockin’ Your Socks Off! Volumes 7 – 8.  Minnesota Rock/Country Hall of Fame, Doug Spartz – CD*




vol7tracks  vol6tracks


Minnesota Rock and Country Stars, Volumes 11 and 12; Doug Spartz – CD*


vol11  vol12




Root 66: The Frozen Few – 1982 (Paraquat)






High Spirits:  I Believe

Boss Tweeds:  Going Away

Messengers:  I’ve Seen You Around

Kan Dells:  Cry Girl

DeVilles:  You’ve Made Up My Mind

Fabulous Depressions:  I Can’t Tell You

Sting Rays:  Shaggy Dog, The Cat Came Back

Shandells:  Gorilla

Madhatters:  Chicks are for Kids

Rave-Ons:  Baby Don’t Love Me

Stompers:  I Know

Stillroven:  I’m Not Your Steppingstone

Kama Del Sutra:  She Taught Me Love

More-Tishians:  (I’ve Got) Nowhere to Run

Dale Gregory & the Shouters – Did Ya Need to Know?

The Original Hometown Album*  Vinyl  – KDWB FM 101

Profits from the sale of this album were earmarked for the Minnesota Chapter of the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse.



Sneakers:  I Want to be Eccentric

Metro All Stars:  Do You Remember

Sam and the Flightmen:  Sing Me Som Rock ‘n’ Roll

Dame:  We Got Wild

Brian Walstad:  Time For a Change

Damon Danielson:  How Long Has it Been

Genuine Shirley:  Aim for the Light

Jesse Brady:  Souvenirs

Phones:  I’m So Neat

Terra:  Hurts Like Hell

Phil and the Blanks:  Sheila (You Be)

Mark Orion Band:  Flesh Jukebox




The Scotty Story – Minnesota’s Legendary ‘60’s Rock Label! – 1993 (Arf Arf) – CD*

This is probably my favorite comp!  Full of humor and great songs!





Electras:  Dirty Old Man, Soul Searchin’, This Week’s Children, Action Woman, I’m Not Talkin’, Pregnant Pig, ‘Bout My Love, You Love, Summertime, Won’t take No For an Answer, Courage to Cry

Scotsmen:  Beer Bust Blues, Scotch Mist, Scotch Mist II, Beer Bust Blues (outtake), Froggie

Victors:  Midnight Hour, I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out my Heart Anymore, One More Time, Mister You’re a Better Man Than I, Little Girl

Litter:  Hey Joe, 7-Up Spot

White Lightning:  William, Of Paupers and Poets, (Under the Screaming Double) Eagle

Second Edition:  To Keep You

Hope:  Of Times You Can See, Greenhouse

Paisleys:  Something’s Missing


SOMA Records Story Vol. 1: Shake it For Me – 1998 (vinyl) Beatrocket Records/Sundazed *






Deacons:  Empty Heart

Chancellors:  Yo! Yo!

Underbeats:  Shake it for Me

Castaways:  Goodbye Babe

Dudley & the Doo Rytes:  U.F.O.

Titans:  The NoPlace Special

Four Wheels:  Cold 45

Chancellors:  Charlie Brown

Boys Next Door:  Suddenly She Was Gone

Embermen:  Fat Girl

Gestures:  I’m not Mad

Sir Winston & the Commons:  We’re Gonna Love

Torres:  Ride On

Castaways:  Sam

High Spirits:  Tossin’ & Turning’

Del Counts:  Bird Dog



SOMA Records Story Vol. 2: Bright Lights, Big City – 1998 (vinyl)  Beatrocket Records/Sundazed *






High Spirits:  I Believe

Messengers:  I’ve Seen You Around

Chancellors:  I’m a Man

Gestures:  Candlelight

Sir Winston & the Commons:  Come Back Again

Corvets:  You Don’t Want Me

Titans:  Summer Place

Four Wheels:  Central High Playmate

Castaways:  Liar, Liar

High Spirits:  Bright Lights, Big City

Gestures:  It Seems to Me

Boys Next Door:  Why be Proud

Fabulous Rumbles:  The Echoing Past

Embermen:  Karen

Chancellors:  Little Latin Lupe Lu

Jimmy Kaye & the Coachmen:  Gloria


SOMA Records Story Vol. 3: A Man’s Gotta Be a Man – 1998 (vinyl)  Beatrocket Records/Sundazed  *






Chancellors:  I Can Tell

Castaways:  A Man’s Gotta be a Man

High Spirits:  (Turn on Your) Love Light

Gestures:  Don’t Mess Around

Del Counts:  Let the Good Times Roll

Titans:  Reveille Rock

Messengers:  My Baby

Gamins:  Freeway

Gestures:  Run, Run, Run

Chancellors:  Surf Beat

Torres:  I’ve Had It

Shades:  Please Please Please

Fabulous Rumbles:  I’ll be Gone

Titans:  Tchaikovsky Rides Again

Castaways:  Should Happen to Me

Sounds Like Us:  The Other Side of a Record


Surfin’ in the Midwest – 4 LPs issued by Unlimited Productions (Gail Anderson?)

Vol. 1 – 1985; Vol. 2 – 1987; Vol. 3 – 1998; Vol. 4 – 2005.  Twin Cities tunes scattered throughout.


surfinmw1  surfinmw2


surfinmw3  surfinmw4


Top Teen Bands, Vol. 1 – Bud-Jet Records – 1965 – Vinyl *






Muleskinners:  Muleskinner Blues ’65

Rave-Ons:  Whenever

Kandells:  Cry Girl

Aaron Brothers:  Lean Jean

Avanties:  Ain’t Got No Home; Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Underbeats:  Foot Stompin’, Jo Jo Gunne

Accents:  Muffin’ Man

Only Ones:  With This Kiss

Deacons:  Baldy Beat

Corvets:  Can It Be



Top Teen Bands, Vol. 2 – Bud-Jet Records – 1965 – Vinyl *






Deacons:  Baldy Stomp

Gregory Dee & the Avanties:  Say Boss Man

Valients:  Backlash

Corvets:  So Fine

Canadian Lady Bugs:  Moanin’

Rave-Ons:  Love Pill

Novas:  On the Road Again

Accents:  Louisiana Man

Satisfactions:  Girl Don’t Tell Me

MoJo Buford:  Whole Lotta Woman

Underbeats:  Broken Arrow

Gregory Dee & the Avanties:  Because of You


Top Teen Bands, Vol. 3 – Bud-Jet Records – 1966 – Vinyl *





Avanties:  Nervous Breakdown

Underbeats:  Route 66

Canadian Lady Bugs:  Tra-La-La-La

Deacons:  Candy Man

Accents:  Road Runner

Bandits:  The Krusher

Rave-Ons:  I Want You to Love Me

Satisfactions:  Bad Times

Novas:  Novas Coaster

Bandits:  Downtown

Only Ones:  The Party’s Over

Avanties:  Olds-Mo-William


TV Record Hop, 1958

This one really shouldn’t count, since it looks like it’s one of those pre-packaged jobs that’s made for stations all over the country, and only the guy’s face has changed.  This was 1958, the year after American Bandstand went national, and local TV stations were launching their own versions of it – in this particular case, Hi-Five Time on KSTP.  Pinch me if you’ve ever heard of “The Talent:”

  • The Twins – Jim and John
  • Billy Mure’s Rocking Guitars
  • Ellie Gaye
  • The Equadors
  • Leroy Kirkland’s Hi Flyers
  • Ronnie and the Rockin’ Kings

The songs are at least original sounding, for the most part – I admit I’d like to hear “Crater Gater” and “Sputnik Dance.”  Jeff Lonto sent me this ebay listing; Steve wouldn’t let me buy it.




Twin Cities Funk and Soul: Lost R&B Grooves from Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-1979  (




Twin Cities Rocks!  Stereo 101 FM *

This was a project to raise money for the Minnesota Chapter of the National Committee  for the Prevention of Child Abuse.



Chameleon:  Stranded

Flamin’ Oh’s:  Everyday

Dare Force:  On My Way

Mary Jane Alm Band:  Love Comes When You Least Expect It

Cortez:  Newspaper Astrology

Sussman Lawrence:  Modern Saint

Crash Street Kids:  Shake it Up

Whisky River:  Streetwise

Phones:  Modern Man

Metro All Stars:  I Want the Truth

Jesse Brady:  Lovin’ You

Crow:  Evil Woman


Twist to Radio WDGY

Songs recorded by Bob Keene Big Band @1961.  This one is funny!  It was put out on Del-Fi, which was Ritchie Valens’ label out in California.  Bob Keene owned Del-Fi and was Ritchie’s manager.  They must have made these and sold them to the big rock ‘n’ roll stations around the country.  Those men in the fine red coats twistin’ are Bill Diehl, Phil Nolan, Rod Person, Walt Carpenter, Tom Wynn, and (looks like) Paul Johnson.  Image courtesy of Pavek Museum of Broadcasting; record donated to the museum by Phil Nolan.



WDGY Yesterhits from Yesterday, Vol. 1* and 2* – vinyl.

Jeff Lonto says that an LP was issued in 1967 and a box of 45s in 1969.

From Johnny Canton:  It was my job to secure songs for these [WDGY] LPs. To get the good hits we had to agree we would not sell the albums. Since we were going to use them as a promo tool to give to our listeners, that was an easy concession. However, ABC Paramount/Dunhill records still sent me a 20 page contract to sign. They were an important label since one of the songs we wanted was by The Mamas & Papas – huge act at the time.

The notes say:

*Featuring 12 Hits from the first twelve months of MUCH * MORE * MUSIC!

In June of 1966, WDGY began programming Much More Music for its listeners in the Twin City Area.  Much More Music is simply that … WDGY played, and is playing, more music with the bright pace of the modern sound.  To celebrate its first anniversary, WDGY is happy to present this album of … “YESTERHITS FROM YESTERDAY.”  It includes a collection of twelve of the greatest hits from the last year.  Each one of these selections was especially chosen by the WDGY All-Americans, and is performed by the original recording artists.  We hope you will enjoy our first birthday edition … “YESTERHITS FROM YESTERDAY” … and join us in listening to the second year of Much More Music on 1130 Radio … WDGY.


  • Monday, Monday – Mamas & Papas
  • 96 Tears – ? and the Mysterians
  • Green, Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones
  • Sweet Pea – Tommy Roe
  • The Beat Goes On – Sonny and Cher
  • I’m Your Puppet – James & Bobby Purify
  • Summer in the City – Lovin’ Spoonful
  • Music to Watch Girls By – Bob Crewe Generation
  • Cherry Cherry – Neil Diamond
  • Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron – The Royal Guardsmen
  • Along Comes Mary – The Association
  • Hanky Panky – Tommy James and the Shondells



Volume 1 issued June 1967; image courtesy Jeff Lonto


WDGY Yesterhits from Yesterday, Vol. 2* – vinyl





WWTC:  It’s My Party, 1981

Presumably a compilation of oldies, put out when oldies were on the playlist.  Photo courtesy Jeff Lonto.