Herb Pilhofer, a native German who had arrived in Minneapolis around 1954, led a trio at Herb’s at 324 Marquette Ave., off and on, from 1955 to 1961. For several years during the 1950s his group performed in the courtyard behind the Walker Art Center.  In 1956 and ’57 his Octet was featured at these shows.  Herb’s moved to 9th Street No. off Glenwood and in November 1963 the entertainment was the Herb Pilhofer Duo, with Ted Hughart on bass.  Pilhofer’s Trio worked at the Bamboo Room in the White House in Golden Valley after they left Herb’s.


In 1963 Pilhofer became the musical director at the Guthrie Theater.


In an ad in the 1964 AFTRA Catalog, Herb Pilhofer is described as “Composer, arranger, conductor, pianist… Musical Director, Minnesota Theatre Company at the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre; musical consultant to Midwest advertising agencies… Advertising music; film scores; music for the theatre and dance; special events and special effect…  Jazz, third-stream, traditional; orchestral, chamber, band and vocal music……………”


In 1967 the North Stars hockey team came to town, and at some early point, a team song was written by Herb Pilhofer and Dick Wilson, called “Go For a Goal, North Stars.”  Arne Fogel gives us great background info:  “That’s me singing on it. Dale Menten is probably there as well, and also a guy on many sessions at the time, Bruce Winther. Most prominent female voice on the disc is that of Joanie Knutson (Joanie Pilhofer at that time).  We cut the song during one session, and were called in several days later to re-do it; the client could not hear the articulation of the ‘L’ at the end of the word ‘Goal’ (it sounded like ‘Go for a Go’). So, we did it again, and that’s why you can hear us seemingly ‘over-articulating’ the letter ‘L’ at the end of the word ‘Goal’… ”  Just saw this for sale for $337.50, but you can Hear it Here.


In 1969, after working at Kay Bank, Tom Jung and Herb Pilhofer founded Sound 80 Studios. 


Wikipedia does not have a page on Pilhofer, but a special search turns up several projects that Pilhofer has been involved in.


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