Contrary to what I thought, the Scholar was not the proposed site of the infamous and detested Red Barn. That was planned for 1407-1411 Fourth Street, but on May 6, 1970, Dinkytown residents occupied Fourth Street to protest the ugly fast food
restaurant that was going up. The May 8 issue of Hundred Flowers included a fairly comprehensive account of the protests:

  • Someone drove a rented 1970 Charger through the window and into the kitchen of the Red Barn at 313 Oak Street SE.
  • Rocks were thrown at the Barn on Lake Street, breaking five windows.
  • Protesters were deterred by cops on Snelling
  • Meanwhile, back on Fourth Street there were about 175 cops, searchlights, and a helicopter, which protesters called a “whirlypig.”


The protests actually worked, and Red Barn gave up, eventually going into bankruptcy. See the story and lots of pictures Here. Another site is Here, and one with lots of photos is Here.